About Tiana

I'm writing an ABOUT SECTION on my very own WEBSITE WHAT!!! From tinkering away in friends back sheds in early 2020, to travelling a lap around Australia in 2021 and taking my "jewellery studio" along with me, to finallyyy having my very own website!!! Waahhhh you could tell me i'm dreaming!!!?? Tiana Tatnell has bloomed into what it is today from dreams of love, pure passion, and a search for eternal freedom - mentally, physically and everything in between. As a complete visual, hands-on and creative person, I've only ever aimed to enjoy this marvellous life by 'making a living' through means of enjoyment and different ways of self expression. If you can do what you love, and have all that you need, then to me, you are winning <3
As I began creating too many pieces too fit on my hands, and sales began to organically take place, i realised that just by following my curiosity and creativity, i was accidentally starting a business that little did i know, would blossom into what it is today.
Inspired by the earth, Tiana Tatnell takes pride in creating unique and timeless artisan jewellery in harmony with our mother nature, by using only ethically and responsibly sourced materials.
For the love of metal art, self-expression, freedom.. and all things shiny ;)