By Tiana Tatnell

Sometimes you have a plan, and sometimes the Universe has an even bigger one. 

At the beginning of July I posted a TikTok video that went viral overnight. I feel like when these things happen it’s so hard to comprehend what’s actually taking place. How can I imagine 4.8 million people? A concert? A city? A state? More? I have no idea how to imagine that in real life. It feels surreal or untrue. It almost feels completely underwhelming because I’m just a girl sitting here alone, reading words and numbers on a screen. It’s also extremely overwhelming because i’m just a girl and this is actually so crazy.. To summarise, it felt confusing. And to clarify, a very **capable** girl ;) 

I spent 4+ 13 hour days replying to Instagram DMs & emails. Some regarding special requests & custom pieces, but most asking after one product in particular & the star of the viral TikTok. The Fingerprint Signet ring. 

My partner Adam & I carved and created our own solid 9ct gold Fingerprint Rings in early 2023. His, with my fingerprint and mine, with his. It was the first piece of jewellery I ever made for myself, and I haven’t taken it off my finger since. In fact - I haven’t even finished mine lol. I just don’t want to take it off. 

The Fingerprint Signet Rings are now available, after such a high demand and lots of loving from you guys <3

July has been a big month of growing, learning & acting quick. This wasn’t my plan but I’m flowing with it all. The plan of the Universe. I’m open to the world, the opportunities & to the growth that is the result of my surrender. The ebbs and flows of this business & life itself are what make it so wonderful, exciting and unpredictably gorgeous in its messy nature!!! 

I’ll say it over and over again until I get dizzy. I’m eternally grateful for each of you who have supported my journey by following, sharing, wearing my creations, or just by being here. 

Thank you.